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How many songs will I need to know?
The more the better! Generally most cruise lines will expect acts to take with them at least 200+ songs with them that are gig-ready. It is essential you get your song repertoire ready prior to boarding the ship.

What is the length of the contracts?
Most contracts are between​ ​3-6 months​ ​but this can vary with ships and companies.

How do I get paid while on the ship?
Money is transferred by bank transfer in US dollars - most cruise lines operate their own in-house transfer service so you can move your funds around easily to other accounts.

Will I need a passport?
Yes, it is essential you have a working passport with at at least the length of your contract plus 1 month and ideally up to a year left.

Do I need to pay any tax?
As a self-employed musician,​ ​it is your responsibility to declare any income made on board​ ​to the Inland Revenue. Tax exemptions do exist for when working out of the country and aboard cruise ships but please seek further clarification with the Inland Revenue.

Do I need to pass a medical exam?
Yes. All musicians must pass a pre-employment physical exam prior to joining. This includes a drug test, blood test & chest X-ray​ ​amongst other tests.

How old do I have to be?
Most ships will​ require ​musicians to be at least​ ​21 years old, however; some set the minimum age at 18​ ​on a case by case basis.

Will I need a US Visa?
Yes, there is an online application process for this and you will be required to attend an interview at the US Embassy in London.

Are the flights to the ship covered?
Yes., flights are provided for the band / musicians to and from their first and last destination.

Can I get off the ship in the different ports?
Of course! There will be lots of opportunities to leave the ship to explore the locations. Also as most sets are evening best you will have full days to make the most of the places you will visit.

Can I get my family members on the ship at a discounted rate?
Friends & family discounts are normally given once you have worked for a cruise line for a specific amount of time (normal 6 months) however, they can review requests on a case by case basis.

Is there internet access on the ships?
There is internet access available 24/7. Each ship has a crew internet cafe with terminals. Some ships have wireless access as well.There are also internet cafes that are accessible at the ports of most locations.

Apart from playing music, will I have any other duties?
Yes, as a crew member, you​ ​are​ ​required to assist in safety/emergency drills which will happen occasionally during the contract - this is a requirement of all crew members working on a ship.

Are you allowed to go into guest areas?
Generally, yes.​ ​You will have access to​ ​certain​ ​guest areas but there are exceptions to this and rules vary from different companies.

What do I wear? We can fully brief you with the types of clothing to bring.​
Most cruise lines will expect a mix of smart / smart casual performance clothing with some cruise lines requiring tux and ballroom dresses for certain themed nights.

Is laundry available to use on board?
Yes there is laundry available to use for all crew members.

Can I practice on the ship?
Sure! You will have plenty of time between playing your sets and exploring the beautiful locations to practice. Certain crew areas and your cabins are good places to use. You may also get to use your performance area during the day if most passengers leave the ship for a day of sight seeing.

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